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Our Approach - Human Performance Improvement

Training alone doesn’t work!
How can you ensure your investment in Human Performance Improvement gets results?


Wilson Learning’s integrated approach for achieving sustainable Human Performance Improvement (HPI) is depicted in our HPI model, which is based on many examples and many years of experience in making this happen for our clients across EMEA and globally. Paying attention to the whole HPI changes the way your people work and sustains their performance so that you meet and exceed the strategic goals you set.

We believe that for real performance improvement to occur, impacting top and bottom line performance, four components, namely: ‘Information’, ‘Development’, ‘Integration’ and ‘Alignment’ need to be in place.

With a focus on balancing the right Sales, Leadership and Individual Effectiveness solutions in each of these critical conceptual areas there is usually specific work in each of the areas depicted in the four arrows on the model: Your employees need effective knowledge and skills development, integrated tools and processes, measurement and feedback to assess performance and management and coaching to produce results.

Many organisations have invested in training and later wonder why they aren’t seeing the anticipated results. Wilson Learning built this model from lessons we have learned over the years. The way to ensure that you get performance results is by ensuring that you are addressing all four of these critical activities.

Wilson Learning has the capability to deliver all of the model’s components to your organisation. We also work with your systems and processes that are already in place. We will partner with you to create best practices addressing all four building blocks, in order to achieve the results your organisation needs.

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