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What makes Wilson Learning different?

We believe that clients choose Wilson Learning as an implementation partner for their HPI initiatives above other providers, because of a combination of differentiating factors. Many other Human Performance Improvement providers have some of these capabilities, but very few have all of them:

Ability to pay attention to the ‘whole HPI’

Wilson Learning are committed to helping organisations improve the business results they get from human performance by aligning business strategy with the organisation’s most valuable asset: its people.

The value proposition that we offer to our clients is not just a great training event or a unique measurement tool.  It is a complete integrated approach that changes the way your people work and sustains their performance so that you meet and exceed the strategic goals you set.

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Approach to Learning

Our methods are straightforward. We encourage people to ask “Why?” and to acquire insight, meaning, and value from their own experience and that of others. We also challenge them to think and practice their skills both inside and outside the learning environment, and most critically to integrate them into their daily work goals and priorities. We call it “Inside-Out Learning” – an approach that links new ideas with the real world. Powerful learning generates active, exciting connections that result in direct business application.

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Quality and breadth of learning content

Our first ever solution challenged conventional business wisdom with a radical new approach to selling that emphasized meeting customer needs as a way to approach sales success. More than forty years later this consultative approach, “Counselor Selling”, has been adopted worldwide as the standard for effective consultative sales. Since then many of our approaches to Leadership, Sales, and Individual Effectiveness have established best practices around the world.

Our learning material emphasises practical usage. Participants experience an immediate connection between thoughtful well researched content (the counselor philosophy, leadership authenticity, and individual versatility) and workplace application, and action learning. With our tools and systems we tailor a performance improvement process targeted at any developmental need in any part of the world.

Genuine global presence

Our solutions are delivered through a worldwide network of talented people, allowing us to deliver even fully customised initiatives on an international scale in multiple local languages. Trained and rigorously certified to deliver globally consistent quality, our facilitators and consultants apply business experience, market wisdom and cultural awareness in addition to their teaching ability to all their client engagements.

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Over 40 years of experience in designing, developing and delivering sales, leadership and individual effectiveness solutions for clients globally means that Wilson Learning has tremendous project experience at all levels.

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