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Individual Effectiveness

imageAll of your efforts - to create a competitive business strategy, to develop authentic leadership, or to win more business - boil down to one critical truth: Your success rests on the success of your individual contributors.

What we’ve learned about Individual Effectiveness compels us to believe that individual success is more than just the sum of technical or professional ability.

We believe that, for all the right reasons, organisations focus on developing individual technical capabilities, or “Work Talents”, within a workforce. While clearly necessary, this effort alone neglects most of the capabilities required to be highly effective in a work environment, especially when a global marketplace is considered. What’s missing are the skills that allow individuals to be personally and socially aware in the workplace - the thinking, feeling, and communication skills necessary to effectively interact with others around the world.

Highly effective individuals understand that they not only need to be technically proficient, they also need to demonstrate Purposeful Communication - the ability to adapt and share ideas without risking relationships. They need to demonstrate Inspired Thinking - the ability to see situations from multiple perspectives and cultures and invent new ideas. And, they need to experience Fulfilled Self—the ability to maintain personal values and principles and take true satisfaction from their work.

We think that along with Work Talents, the three skill sets - Purposeful Communication, Inspired Thinking, and Fulfilled Self - are critical to the development of highly effective individuals. Together, they grow confidence, courage, tolerance, and versatility in the global work environment and offer the potential for higher performance and longer retention of skilled contributors.

Based upon what we’ve learned about individual effectiveness in the past 40+ years, we’ve developed Individual Effectiveness solutions that expand upon existing work talent with critical skills that separate the effective from the highly effective individual.

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