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Sales Effectiveness

Traditional sources of differentiation for organisations are unsustainable in today’s environment.
How can you ensure your salespeople deliver sustainable Competitive Advantage for your organisation?

imageCurrent and future competitiveness requires the creation of a source of sustainable competitive differentiation. Today, traditional sources of differentiation (brand, technology, economies of scale) are unsustainable. We believe that in the long run, sales effectiveness is a critical source of sustainable competitive advantage and differentiation.

Making your sales force a source of competitive advantage requires more than training salespeople on new sales techniques. At Wilson Learning, we recognise the central role of both salespeople and sales leadership to sales effectiveness. Providing salespeople and sales leaders with the right skills, tools, and processes can propel your organisation forward, allowing you to out-perform the competition and deliver greater value to your customers.

At Wilson Learning, our research has shown that to be a source of sustainable competitive advantage, salespeople need to fulfill two, complementary roles. They have to be both Consultants to their clients and Strategists to their own organisation.

For more information on the Consultant and Strategist roles, read our Sales Effectiveness Point of View Paper