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Sales and Service Solutions

Salesperson Navigator™
This comprehensive 360-degree instrument rates the salesperson’s behaviors to key sales effectiveness competencies. Feedback and interpretation of the results are given in a development planning session, which can be facilitated live and in-person, or through a Webcast. The report includes a Development Planning Guide, with recommendations and resources to support developing or improving the highest-priority sales skills needed.

The Counselor Salesperson™
The Counselor Salesperson is a foundational consultative sales training course that builds the skills and professionalism to sell, create, and maintain lasting sales relationships in competitive markets. The sales skills course introduces sales effectiveness as a definable and manageable consultative process in which there is a win/win interaction between the buyer and the seller.

Networking for Sales Success
Networking for Sales Success teaches salespeople how to build effective business networks. Participants learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of their networking efforts, how to make meaningful contacts, how to enter existing groups, and how to demonstrate their competence and character to potential prospects. This program empowers salespeople to comfortably and effectively approach the people they need to and who are most likely to become good prospects.

The Consultative Process™
This course focuses on client communication and business problem-solving skills. It is appropriate for all professional personnel whose work depends on having a strong consultative relationship with external or internal clients—including project managers, service engineers, consultants, managers, and any non-manager with special project responsibilities. Participants learn how to ask questions that uncover the real needs and interests of the client. They also learn how to present recommendations, facilitate decision making, and support client satisfaction with the accepted recommendation.

Turning Information into Sales™
Turning Information into Sales improves sales effectiveness while teaching salespeople to differentiate on the basis of superior client knowledge. Participants will develop the essential ability to discover information needed to create highly satisfactory and compelling solutions. This sales training course expands listening skills into effective, ‘deeper’ discovery—to uncover more information and use it to improve sales effectiveness. Turning Information into Sales works effectively as an extension to the Counselor Salesperson solution, and is a component of the Consulting with Clients offering.

Consulting with Clients™
Consulting with Clients is especially valuable for sales team members who play a strong consulting role in front of clients in strategic accounts. It teaches a powerful methodology for analysing the customer’s business situation and helping them find (and buy) effective solutions.

Counselor Prospecting™
This sales skills training course teaches salespeople how to win business and get ahead of the competition right from the start of the sales process. Salespeople discover ways to focus on finding better suspects and higher-quality prospects. This course improves salespeople’s selling skills at three critical spots during sales process.

The Versatile Salesperson™
The Versatile Salesperson is one of Wilson Learning’s foundational sales effectiveness courses. Participants learn how to identify others’ Social Styles and temporarily adjust their own to communicate more easily and effectively with others. This sales training course applies versatility principles to the selling environment. Participants learn how to make their clients feel more comfortable by temporarily adjusting to how they prefer to receive information.

Creating Competitive Business Solutions™
Creating Competitive Business Solutions is a series of modules offering proven business strategies that have been adapted as advanced sales effectiveness concepts, specifically related to today’s competitive marketplace. This sales skills course teaches marketing and sales professionals how to be real business consultants. Participants learn how to reposition their offer in accord with their customers’ business processes, buying styles, industry linkages, value chains, and critical success factors.

Inbound Sales Excellence™
Inbound Sales Excellence is a sales and service training course designed for sales agents in an inbound call center environment who are responsible for cross- and up-selling. This sales skills course focuses on the challenges inherent in their unique selling environment. Participants learn efficient ways to discover customer needs and make compelling recommendations. In addition, they learn to enhance their comfort level and skills for handling customer objections so they can uncover all of the customer’s concerns and close the sale.

Negotiating to Yes™
Negotiating to Yes is derived from the work of Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Team. Salespeople learn to practice principled negotiation, in which they focus on the interests (as opposed to the positions) of both themselves and their customers. The course builds skills in questioning, listening, persuading, strategizing, problem solving, and countering unfair tactics.

Signature Service™ - The Key to Customer Satisfaction®
Signature Serviceis a service skills training course that teaches employees to satisfy the customer from the customer’s viewpoint. Signature Service focuses on understanding the customer’s condition at the onset of the interchange so each customer can be satisfied on an individual basis. The course teaches a process to gain satisfaction, and provides a method to gauge satisfaction.

High Performance Coaching™ (HPC)
High Performance Coaching helps individuals and organization integrate new skills into daily behavior. Experienced, certified High Performance Coaches work with individuals and organizations to ensure that leadership developmental investment yields expected results. Wilson Learning coaches work with high-potential individuals and teams to build and execute growth plans and employ best-practices in their work.